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In an effort to provide quality service to our members, PUP has made arrangements with limited providers in various specialties. If a PUP Member requires the following services, please contact vendor:

·         For Behavioral Services contact PsychCare at 888-624-0787

·         For Optometry and Ophthalmology Services contact Advantica Vision at 888-787-8476

·         For Dental Services contact Advantica Dental at 866-363-7678

·         For Audiology Services contact HearUSA at 800-333-3389; or contact an audiology provider directly

·         For DME Supplies, Home Health and Infusion Therapy call Univita Healthcare Solutions at 855-914-2201

         The following services ARE NOT provided by Univita.  Please see 
           PUP Provider Directory to call participating provider directly:

    ·        Custom mobility

    ·        Diabetic supplies

    ·        Lymphedema pumps/pneumatic compressor and appliances

    ·        Mastectomy supplies

    ·        Orthotics & Prosthetics

    ·        Ostomy supplies

Quality Management Provider

For Ultrasound, Advanced Imaging, Cardiac Imaging, Sleep, Radiation Therapy, Cardiac Rhythm Devices (CRD), Lumbar Spine Surgery use  MedSolutions – Prior authorization applies to services that are: Outpatient, Elective / Non-emergent, Diagnostic. Prior authorization does not apply to services that are performed in: Emergency Room, Inpatient, 23-hour observation.


MedSolutions, Inc. (see provider page of PUP website for list of service effective dates)

You can contact MedSolutions in one of three ways:

·         Internet:  www.medsolutionsonline.com (registration required; web portal training available!)

·         Phone:  800-572-2058 (8:00am-9:00pm EST Monday - Friday)

·         Fax:  1-855-881-6737 for radiation oncology requests

·         Fax:  1-855-702-2289 for all other requests

(Fax forms available online or by calling customer service; only MedSolutions fax forms will be accepted)

It is the responsibility of the ordering provider to request prior authorization approval for services.  To find a list of CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes that require prior authorization through MedSolutions, please visit:

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